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Upcoming Changes for 2017


News Date : December 27, 2016

Changes for 2017:

We would like to take this opportunity thank you for your compliments and constructive criticism.  We have done a number of changes for the 2017 Calendar year.

We have added more phone lines and staff to accommodate the influx of calls and emails.  We are also looking at staff the Canadian office on Saturdays to accommodate the increase in business.

  1. Unless you have contact with one of our staff, please email the “Contact us” pages on either site or admin@irunguns.ca for all inquiries. Please do not email or reply to the Email payment confirmation” or “status updates” you get from the site.  We are unable to monitor these and as a result your email will go unnoticed.  Please only email one point of contact.

If you are enquiring about the status of your order, it is very important that you include your order number in your email.

  1. We have added additional phone lines, including links to warranty and administration.
  2. All staff in Canada and the U.S. have been instructed to offer assistance both by phone and email to aid with online purchases and product queries.  This will hopefully address the issue of “was interested in making purchases twice, but both times didn't receive a reply to my message”.  Please understand we receive over 200 emails a day and we do our best to catch them all.



All warranty for Canada is conducted through the Canadian office and shipped state side once a month for repairs.  All products go directly back to the manufacturer for warranty work. Should you have a warranty issue, please contact the Canadian office at 780-449-7220 and choose option 4. They will issue you a RMA. Please take the time to be extremely detailed with your issue and the problems you are having when filling this out.

Pictures are also greatly appreciated.  This information is provided to the manufacturer to repair your item.  If you miss something or don’t explain it well enough it may not be repaired to your satisfaction.

All warranty products need to be returned in their original cases or boxes.  For example, should you send your gun in a shoe box it will not be going state side.   We have updated the Canadian website so you can track your item when it has gone out for warranty repair.

Some people may get upset when they have an issue with a product they have purchased, we understand that but yelling and screaming on the phone or nasty emails will not help the issue.  Remember the person you are dealing with is there to help you; if you are belligerent you most likely won’t get the quality of service that is required to make this a painless process.



We now inventory close to 70,000 products.  We try our best to ensure all descriptions and pictures match the product.  These pictures are provided by the manufacturer and as such may not represent the exact product. If you are uncertain about a product please google the UPC code, check on the manufacturers website or email carolyn@irunguns.ca and she will get back to you right away to help address your concerns.


The Canadian site now uses an API or direct feed from Canada Post to calculate shipping costs for both the US and Canadian orders.  Please pay close attention when checking out, as firearms can only be shipped via ground.  Ammunition and exploding targets will continue to be shipped via Canpar. 


US Orders

You will receive an email once your order has been packaged and processed for Canada.  This email will ask you to pay the GST and Canadian shipping. Paying this ahead of time will streamline the shipping of your order once it clears customs.  All orders that are paid prior to clearing customs are given priority once the export is sorted and are shipped out first.  Please pay close attention when checking out, as firearms can only be shipped via ground.


US. Exchange Rate

The U.S Exchange rate will also be posted on the latest news on www.irunguns.ca  We also highly recommend should you be shopping on one of our sites or in the U.S. on a regular basis please look into the AMAZON Credit Card.  It does not pad the Exchange Rate and it is the most cost effective way to purchase something in the U.S.  

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